So, you wanna start a news youtube channel? You’ve got the idea, you’ve got the topics, but there’s one thing missing – the perfect name.

Coming up with a good and creative name can be hard. So, we’ve created a huge list of youtube channel name ideas to choose from, along with the best youtube channel naming tips.

Your channel is your identity, make it memorable.

So let’s dive in and find the perfect name for your news youtube channel!


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Best News YouTube Channel Name Ideas

1-25 Best News YouTube Channel Names

1. The Daily Quill
2. Current Matters
3. On the Beat
4. Global Pulse
5. Breaking Silence
6. Press Play
7. The Storyteller Network
8. World Barometer
9. Perspective Uncovered
10. Off the Record
11. True Chronicle
12. The Informed
13. Coverage Count
14. Revealing Dimension
15. News Insider
16. Chronosphere
17. Eye on the Globe
18. Fact Compound
19. Behind the Headlines
20. The Spin Room
21. Whispers and Rumors
22. The Pulse of Progress
23. Unveiled Agenda
24. The Scoop Syndicate
25. Unfiltered Truth

26-50 Best News YouTube Channel Names

26. The Report Card
27. Quiet Corner
28. Deep Currents
29. Frontline Foresight
30. Timeless Telltale
31. Doubt Demolition
32. The Bell Ringer
33. Tuned In Today
34. On Scene Now
35. The Human Connection
36. Nova News Network
37. Mind’s Ear
38. Wise Words
39. Sit Down News
40. Settle the Score
41. Stepping Stone News
42. Future Forecast
43. Subliminal News
44. Radically Informed
45. Worldly Matters
46. The Underbelly
47. Reactor Room
48. Beyond Scenario
49. Midnight Express
50. Citizen Chronicles


1-25 Good News YouTube Channel Names

1. Positive Report
2. Good Vibes Daily
3. The Joyful News
4. Lifted Life
5. Inspire Daily
6. Uplift Network
7. Happier Times
8. Cheerful Chronicles
9. Brighter Tomorrow
10. Optimistic Outlook
11. Happy Headlines
12. Spread Kindness
13. Sunny Side Up
14. Grateful Gazette
15. Sharing Smiles Daily
16. Positive Press
17. Golden Moments
18. Sparkles and Sunshine
19. Daily Inspiration
20. Good Deed Daily
21. Hopeful Herald
22. Joyful Jotting
23. Life’s Little Wonders
24. Endearing Encounters
25. Smiling Stories

26-50 Good News YouTube Channel Names

26. Truly Inspiring
27. The Blissful Beat
28. Uplifting Universe
29. Daily Delight
30. Happy Happenings
31. Gracious Greetings
32. The Feel Good Foundry
33. Glowing Glimpses
34. Happiness Hub
35. Optimistic Omen
36. Cheerful Chronicles
37. The Jolly Journal
38. Chilled Cheer
39. Wholesome Wanderlust
40. Brighter Beginnings
41. Positive Passages
42. Wonderful World
43. Smiling Serenity
44. Beautifully Blessed
45. Amazing Awareness
46. Light of Life
47. Sparkling Society
48. Kindhearted Know-How
49. Rising Stars
50. Joyful Journey


1-25 Catchy News YouTube Channel Names

1. Insightful Daily
2. Media Wrap-Up
3. Breaking Now
4. The News Beacon
5. Trending Updates
6. Pulse Report
7. Headline Highlights
8. News Infusion
9. Top Stories Today
10. Current Affairs Digest
11. The Buzz Feed
12. Hot Topics Now
13. Eye on the World
14. Global Events Hub
15. Pop Culture Wire
16. Prime Time Report
17. The Scoop Room
18. Fast Facts Digest
19. Inside Line Update
20. World Affairs Express
21. The Daily Unfold
22. Newsworthy Insights
23. On the Radar
24. Media Reloaded
25. Ultimate Report

26-50 Catchy News YouTube Channel Names

26. Fresh News Roundup
27. The Info Nexus
28. News Break Room
29. The Trend Zone
30. Latest Buzz Now
31. The News Unveiled
32. The Daily Pulse
33. Media Spotlight
34. Rapid Reporters
35. The Daily Insight
36. Breaking Edge
37. Top Updates Today
38. Sparks of News
39. Infoburst Channel
40. News Beat Express
41. Headlines Unveiled
42. Media Streamline
43. Around the Globe
44. Flash News Frenzy
45. Pulse of the Nation
46. Mic Drop News
47. The Current Scene
48. Your Daily Dose
49. Newsmakers Today
50. The News Vault


1-25 Unique News YouTube Channel Names

1. Headliner Today
2. WorldScope
3. The Daily Update
4. NewsBites
5. The Current Timelines
6. EyeCatcher
7. All About Now
8. New Visions
9. Vital Moments
10. The Unheard Voice
11. The Report
12. Topical Insights
13. The Cover Story
14. Trending Topics
15. Breaking Report
16. Live Facts
17. Daily Chronicles
18. Fresh Express
19. Newsworthy Moments
20. NewsVision
21. Insight Reports
22. Flash Talks
23. Apex News
24. Unique Voice
25. Clear Vision

26-50 Unique News YouTube Channel Names

26. Real World News
27. Pulse Report
28. Unveiled News
29. The Scoop
30. Global Headlines
31. Inside Edition
32. 360 Degrees
33. The Pulse
34. News as it Happens
35. True Story
36. Upfront News
37. The Insider
38. Real Time
39. News in Depth
40. The Front Page
41. The Breaking Feed
42. Breaking Now
43. The Accurate Insight
44. The Jacques Report
45. The Occurrence
46. The Trend Setter
47. The Informer
48. The Fact Finder
49. The Runner Up
50. The Most Significant.


1-25 Cool News YouTube Channel Names

1. Breaking Now
2. The Newsfeed
3. Trend Alert
4. Live Update
5. Headline Highlights
6. Insight Insider
7. Hot Topics
8. Buzzworthy News
9. World News Unfiltered
10. Informative Edge
11. InfoZone
12. Latest Scoop
13. Event Central
14. Current Affairs Corner
15. The Buzz Report
16. Story Stream
17. Trending Tracker
18. News Pulse
19. Media Maven
20. Topical Tales
21. The Report Roundup
22. Global Gazette
23. Newsmaker Network
24. News Bulletin
25. The Scoop Show

26-50 Cool News YouTube Channel Names

26. Developments Unveiled
27. The Insight Channel
28. News Express
29. Trend Talk
30. InfoVille
31. Headline Hype
32. The Broadcast Beat
33. World Reporters
34. Event Explorer
35. Trendsetters Today
36. News Analysis Lounge
37. Trending Tidbits
38. The Info Broadcast
39. Moment in the News
40. Newsfinders
41. Fresh Updates
42. The News Chronicles
43. Trendsetter’s Brigade
44. Headline Hangout
45. Topical Tidings
46. The Frontline Factor
47. The News Nook
48. Insightful Informative
49. NewsBreakers
50. The Current Insight


1-25 Awesome News YouTube Channel Names

1. The Breaking Bulletin
2. Top Headlines Today
3. Newswire Network
4. The Current Report
5. Flash Focus
6. Prime Updates
7. The Daily Dash
8. OnPoint News
9. Trending Now
10. Up to the Minute
11. Informed Insight
12. NewsScope
13. Prime Pulse
14. Insider Beat
15. Trend Tracker
16. The Buzz Brief
17. Headline Hound
18. Information Express
19. Dynamic Dispatch
20. Social Stream
21. The News Exchange
22. The Live Wire
23. Current Affairs Hub
24. Real-Time Reporters
25. The Scoop Spot

26-50 Awesome News YouTube Channel Names

26. News Vault
27. Eventful Today
28. The Must-Know Network
29. Timely Tidings
30. The Fresh Update
31. Instant Intel
32. Topical Times
33. News Breakdown
34. Live Loud
35. The Insider’s Insight
36. Headline Haven
37. The Daily Digest
38. Prime Pundits
39. In the Know Now
40. Trending Truths
41. Frontline Feed
42. News Spark
43. The Latest Lowdown
44. Quick Click News
45. Exploring Edges
46. Media Maven
47. Informative Inkling
48. Beyond the Basics
49. Headline Hacks
50. Direct Dispatch


1-25 Creative News YouTube Channel Names

1. The Daily Scoop
2. Beyond the Headlines
3. Global Update
4. The Current Report
5. World Watch
6. Frontline News
7. Insightful News
8. Unbiased Views
9. Headline Chronicles
10. The Breaking Bulletin
11. Storyteller News
12. Prime Time Report
13. International Intel
14. In the Know News
15. The News Nook
16. Minute by Minute
17. Flash Report
18. The Unseen News
19. Eye on the World
20. Cutting Edge News
21. Beacon News
22. Viewpoint News
23. Fresh News Every Day
24. Global Insights Daily
25. The Update Channel

26-50 Creative News YouTube Channel Names

26. Up-to-the-Second News
27. The Informer
28. News Rush Hour
29. Connecting the Dots News
30. Dive In News
31. The Factual Feed
32. Bite-Sized News
33. Latest and Greatest News
34. The Insight News
35. Comprehensive Headlines
36. Latest Currents
37. Covering the Globe
38. Dynamic Discovery
39. Keeping You Posted
40. The Scoop Today
41. The Informant Weekly
42. Atmospheric News
43. The Live Report
44. The Story Beyond
45. The Inside Story
46. Go News 24/7
47. One News Minute
48. The Story Unfolded
49. Sundial News
50. The Upward Channel


1-25 Cute News YouTube Channel Names

1. Happy Headlines
2. Adorable Updates
3. Good News Garage
4. Trending Tidbits
5. Smile Stories
6. Positive Pulse
7. Heartfelt Happenings
8. Feel-Good Feed
9. Lovable Live
10. Kindred Kernels
11. Cheery Chronicles
12. Ray of Sunshine
13. Brighter Buzz
14. Sweet Scoop
15. Joyful Journeys
16. Chirpy News
17. Soft Spot Stories
18. Darling Dailies
19. Compassionate Chronicles
20. Generosity Glimpse
21. Sweetly Said
22. Giggle Gossip
23. Furry Friends Facts
24. Hugworthy Headlines
25. Cute Corner

26-50 Cute News YouTube Channel Names

26. Adorkable Accounts
27. Smile-Worthy Stories
28. Happy Headlines HQ
29. Kindhearted Kernels
30. Hopeful Highlights
31. Delighted Daily
32. Feel-Good Focus
33. Admiring Anecdotes
34. Inspiring Insights
35. Optimistic Outlook
36. Tender Tidings
37. Heartwarming Highlights
38. Grinning Gazette
39. Funny Fillers
40. Affectionate Angle
41. Compassionate Connection
42. Lovely Lingo
43. Soulful Scoops
44. Kitten Kapers
45. Woofy Wonders
46. Cozy Chronicles
47. Feline Fascination
48. Paw-fection Reports
49. Kindness Chronicles
50. Warm Welcome Weekly


1-25 Clever News YouTube Channel Names

1. Daily Scoop
2. Minute Mantra
3. Headline Hill
4. Unfiltered Views
5. Breaking Brief
6. Top Notch Topics
7. Current Cohort
8. Fresh Insights
9. News & Views
10. Tidings Today
11. Word Streamers
12. Bright News Brigade
13. On Point Perspective
14. Newsworthy Know-How
15. NewsRoom
16. Final Word
17. InfoSavvy
18. Scoop-A-Snack
19. Facts Factory
20. Relevant Reports
21. Daily Digest
22. Unbiased Buzz
23. Timeless Times
24. Brightest Breaks
25. Vital Views

26-50 Clever News YouTube Channel Names

26. Hot Off Press
27. Frontline Floozies
28. Insightful Intellects
29. Rapid Rundown
30. Reporting Team
31. Fearless Foresight
32. Viewpoint Vanguard
33. Scoop Saviors
34. Sparkling Spots
35. Scoops Sorcerers
36. Fact Fables
37. Intriguing Intel
38. Bold Broadcasts
39. News & Newsmakers
40. Info Instinct
41. News Nuts
42. Genius Gurus
43. Breakthrough Brief
44. Headline Heroes
45. Eye on the Event
46. Fresh Focus
47. Movers & Shakers
48. Up to the Minute
49. Scoop Seekers
50. Newsworthy Nugs


1-25 Great News YouTube Channel Names

1. Current Events Insider
2. Headlines Today
3. Newsflash Network
4. Breaking Now Channel
5. Daily Scoop
6. Trending Topics Daily
7. Up-To-The-Minute Media
8. Press Desk
9. Live Breaking News
10. News Beat Video
11. Fast Facts
12. Rundown Report
13. Global Headlines Channel
14. Front Page Forum
15. News Now Stream
16. Daily Pulse Update
17. Informed Source
18. Hot Take HQ
19. Breaking Stories Hub
20. News Digest
21. Newsmakers Network
22. Vital Updates Daily
23. Global News Today
24. Spotlight News Central
25. Newsroom Daily

26-50 Great News YouTube Channel Names

26. Current Report
27. World Affairs Today
28. Daily Bulletin
29. Insight News Network
30. Pulse Point News
31. Breaking Lines Media
32. News Guru Daily
33. Current Buzz Channel
34. Eye On World
35. Headline Hunter
36. Press Room Live
37. News Ninja Squad
38. Minute Memo
39. Quick News Network
40. Today’s Top Stories
41. Newswise Report
42. Breaking Moments Channel
43. Pulse Update
44. Headline Show
45. Up-To-The-Minute News
46. Blitz News Network
47. Around Globe
48. Daily News Feed
49. Hot Topic Zone
50. Fast Track News


Best Tips for Naming Your News YouTube Channel


  • Keep it short: Aim for a concise name that’s easy to remember.
  • Use 1-2 keywords max: Make your youtube channel searchable/SEO-rich by adding 1-2 keywords in the name, but avoid keyword stuffing it.
  • Keep it relevant: Make sure your channel name reflects your content’s topic or theme.
  • Say it out loud: Test your channel name by saying it aloud to make sure it sounds good and rolls off the tongue.
  • Make it easy to say/spell: Avoid complicated or obscure words and spellings that might confuse potential viewers.
  • Avoid existing channel names: Research similar youtube channel names and avoid using one that’s already taken to prevent confusion.
  • Get feedback from peers: Ask for feedback from friends or colleagues to get their thoughts and impressions for your youtube channel name.
  • Use name generators: Tools like ChatGPT to brainstorm ideas and generate unique and creative names.


FAQs about News YouTube Channel Names

1. Does my channel name matter?

Your youtube channel name is the first thing that viewers will see on your channel. It’s the name that people will use to search for your channel. In short, your youtube channel name is one of the most important elements of your brand. A great youtube channel name can help you stand out in a crowded field, attract new viewers, and establish your youtube channel as a must-watch.


2. How do I check if my channel name is taken?

To check if a youtube channel name is taken, start with a Google search, search on youtube, set the filter to channel and see if you find something. Use Namecheap to check domain availability & Namecheckr to check social handles availability. Avoid using existing/trademarked YouTube channel names.


3. Should I use my real name on a youtube channel?

Using your real name on a youtube channel is a personal decision that depends on your comfort level with privacy and public exposure. Consider the content and purpose of your youtube channel, potential audience, and potential consequences before making a decision.


4. Can I change my youtube channel name later?

Yes, you can change your youtube channel name later. However, it’s important to consider the potential impact on your branding, audience recognition, and SEO. Updating your YouTube channel name may require changes to your artwork, website, and social media accounts.


5. How long should a youtube channel name be?

A youtube channel name should be concise and memorable, ideally between 1-5 words and no more than 50 characters. This allows for easy recognition and sharing on social media platforms.


How To Start A News YouTube Channel

1. Choose Your Niche

Select a passion for your youtube channel, like tech review or daily vlog, to resonate with your audience.

2. Pick a YouTube Channel Name

Brainstorm catchy names that are relevant and memorable, as your youtube channel name is your brand.

3. Quality Equipment

Invest in a decent camera, microphone, and video editing software for high quality video and clean audio.

4. Content Plan

Outline episodes in advance, plan topics, structure, and consider engaging your audience.

5. Recording and Editing

Find a quiet space to record and edit out unnecessary elements for a polished final video.

6. Release and Promote

Once edited, upload to youtube and promote through social media, collaborations, and audience engagement.


Other YouTube Channel Names

2 Friends YouTube Names Mini Vlog YouTube Names
3 Friends YouTube Names Mom YouTube Names
Agriculture YouTube Names Motivational Quotes YouTube Names
Animal YouTube Names Motorcycle YouTube Names
Animation YouTube Names Movie YouTube Names
Anime YouTube Names Music YouTube Names
ASMR YouTube Names New Facts YouTube Names
Baby YouTube Names News YouTube Names
Bengoli YouTube Names One Word YouTube Names
Beauty Tips YouTube Names Online Earning YouTube Names
Book YouTube Names Online News YouTube Names
Car YouTube Names Online Shopping YouTube Names
Car Review YouTube Names Outdoor YouTube Names
Christian YouTube Names Paranormal YouTube Names
Cooking YouTube Names Personal YouTube Names
Couple YouTube Names Pet YouTube Names
Cricket YouTube Names Photography YouTube Names
DIY YouTube Names Product Review YouTube Names
Eating YouTube Names Punjabi YouTube Names
Education YouTube Names Quiz YouTube Names
Equestrian YouTube Names Radio YouTube Names
Family YouTube Names Reaction YouTube Names
Film YouTube Names Real Estate YouTube Names
Finance YouTube Names Relaxing Music YouTube Names
Football YouTube Names Review YouTube Names
Friends YouTube Names Rider YouTube Names
Gacha YouTube Names Roblox YouTube Names
Gaming YouTube Names Science YouTube Names
Gardening YouTube Names Short Video YouTube Names
General YouTube Names Siblings YouTube Names
Girl Vlog YouTube Names Sisters YouTube Names
Health YouTube Names Sports YouTube Names
Health Tips YouTube Names Stock Market YouTube Names
Hindi YouTube Names Stories YouTube Names
Hindi Comedy YouTube Names Tamil YouTube Names
Hindu and Religious YouTube Names Tech YouTube Names
Horse YouTube Names Technology YouTube Names
Housewives YouTube Names Telugu YouTube Names
Hunting YouTube Names Tips YouTube Names
Husband Wife YouTube Names Trading YouTube Names
Interview YouTube Names Travel YouTube Names
Islamic YouTube Names Travel Vlog YouTube Names
Jokes YouTube Names Two Sisters YouTube Names
Kid YouTube Names Video Editing YouTube Names
Kitchen YouTube Names Vlogger YouTube Names
Knowledge YouTube Names VR YouTube Names
Lego YouTube Names Weight Loss YouTube Names
Lifestyle YouTube Names Wellness YouTube Names


In conclusion, coming up with a great youtube channel name is important for attracting new viewers and growing your audience.

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