So, you wanna start a motivational youtube channel? You’ve got the idea, you’ve got the topics, but there’s one thing missing – the perfect name.

Coming up with a good and creative name can be hard. So, we’ve created a huge list of youtube channel name ideas to choose from, along with the best youtube channel naming tips.

Your channel is your identity, make it memorable.

So let’s dive in and find the perfect name for your motivational youtube channel!


Feeling overwhelmed by starting a youtube channel? Consider starting a podcast, it’s a bit easier (only audio would do).

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Best Motivational YouTube Channel Name Ideas

1-25 Best Motivational YouTube Channel Names

1. The Power Within
2. Inspired Action
3. Rise to the Top
4. Igniting Potential
5. Drive Your Dreams
6. Unleash Your Greatness
7. Fuel for the Soul
8. Mastering Life
9. Epic Empowerment
10. Rewire Your Mindset
11. Mindful Momentum
12. Visionary Vibes
13. Limitless Living
14. Elevate Your Energy
15. Purposeful Pathways
16. Thrive Today
17. Fuel Your Fire
18. Mindful Movement
19. Success Strategies
20. Empowered Evolution
21. Pursue Your Passion
22. Mindful Productivity
23. Step Up Your Game
24. Growth Hacks
25. Unstoppable Mindset

26-50 Best Motivational YouTube Channel Names

26. Shine Brighter
27. Magnetic Energy
28. Inspired Mind
29. Fearless Focus
30. Limitless Potential
31. Shift Your Perspective
32. Be Bold and Brave
33. Illuminating Insights
34. Take Action Now
35. Positive Power
36. Unleashing Excellence
37. Achieve Your Goals
38. Empowered Entrepreneur
39. The Dreamers’ Manifesto
40. Mindful Motivation
41. Amplify Your Ambition
42. Do It With Heart
43. Think Bigger
44. Champion Mindset
45. Winning Strategies
46. Mind Mastery
47. Unleash Your Inner Champion
48. Courageous Confidence
49. Inner Strength Evolution
50. Empowering Attitude


1-25 Good Motivational YouTube Channel Names

1. InspireMe
2. ElevateYourMind
3. ThriveToday
4. EmpowerYourselfNow
5. DareToDream
6. LimitlessLiving
7. MindOverMatter
8. ThePowerWithin
9. UnleashYourPotential
10. DreamChasers
11. BeGreat
12. SuccessFactors
13. AchieveMore
14. PursuePassion
15. TakeAction
16. BelieveInYourself
17. ConquerYourGoals
18. UnlockYourPotential
19. RiseAbove
20. PositivePerspective
21. TheChampionMindset
22. StrongerEveryDay
23. GrowYourMind
24. Unstoppable
25. UpgradeYourLife

26-50 Good Motivational YouTube Channel Names

26. DesignedForSuccess
27. InspireYourWorld
28. HighPerformance
29. IgniteYourFire
30. BelieveAndAchieve
31. TransformYourself
32. PositiveMentality
33. MotivNation
34. MindsetMastery
35. UnlockingGreatness
36. EmpoweredLiving
37. MaximumAchievement
38. TheWinningMindset
39. SuccessCreation
40. LivingInSpiration
41. GoGetter
42. StrengthenYourMind
43. CreateTheLifeYouWant
44. MasterYourPotential
45. AchieveItAll
46. MotivMission
47. WinningAttitude
48. BoldAndBrave
49. SoulfulSuccess
50. UnlockTheSecrets


1-25 Catchy Motivational YouTube Channel Names

1. Rise & Grind
2. Hustle Harder
3. The Success Blueprint
4. Inspired by Greatness
5. Mind Over Matter
6. Elevate Your Mindset
7. The Empowerment Room
8. Thrive & Achieve
9. Ignite Your Inner Fire
10. Mindful Mastery
11. Stepping Stones to Success
12. Spark Your Passion
13. Dream Big & Succeed
14. The Optimistic Life
15. Unstoppable Force
16. Find Your Purpose
17. Chasing Your Dreams
18. Make It Happen
19. Believe & Achieve
20. The Road to Greatness
21. Empowering Brilliance
22. Pave Your Own Way
23. The Power of Positivity
24. Inspire Your Success
25. Rising Up Together

26-50 Catchy Motivational YouTube Channel Names

26. The Courage to Succeed
27. Limitless Possibilities
28. Dare to Dream
29. Journey to Greatness
30. Mindset Matters
31. Breaking Barriers
32. Discover Your Potential
33. Fearlessly Empowered
34. Unleashing Your Potential
35. The Pursuit of Excellence
36. Unlocking Success
37. Achieve Beyond Limits
38. Think Big, Act Bold
39. Progress Over Perfection
40. Embrace Your Dreams
41. Live Your Best Life
42. Manifest Your Best Self
43. Passion to Purpose
44. Conquer Your Goals
45. Create Your Legacy
46. Winning Minds
47. Empowering Ambitions
48. The Path to Greatness
49. Fuel for the Journey
50. Momentum for Success


1-25 Unique Motivational YouTube Channel Names

1. Elevate Your Mind
2. Inspire and Achieve
3. Empower Your Potential
4. Drive to Success
5. The Fearless Journey
6. Be Your Best Self
7. Rise Above Limitations
8. Unleash Your Greatness
9. The Power Within
10. Achieve Your Dreams
11. Passion Ignited
12. Spark of Inspiration
13. Fuel Your Ambition
14. Strive for Excellence
15. Success Blueprint
16. Unlock Your Potential
17. Dare to Dream Big
18. Live a Life of Purpose
19. Ignite the Fire Within
20. The Motivated Mindset
21. Thrive and Prosper
22. Inspire the World
23. Progress Not Perfection
24. Break Barriers
25. Conquer Your Fears

26-50 Unique Motivational YouTube Channel Names

26. Out of Comfort Zone
27. Inner Strength Unleashed
28. Believe in Yourself
29. Build a Life of Success
30. Dream, Believe, Achieve
31. Success Catalyst
32. Uncover Your Brilliance
33. Rise to New Heights
34. Empowerment Zone
35. Chase Your Destiny
36. Strive for Greatness
37. Transformation Journey
38. Limitless Potential
39. The Pursuit of Excellence
40. Inspire and Empower
41. Dream Chaser
42. Beyond Boundaries
43. The Courage to Succeed
44. True Grit and Determination
45. Embrace Change and Thrive
46. Passion and Progress
47. The Path to Greatness
48. Live with Purpose and Passion
49. Embrace Your Inner Warrior
50. Success Secrets Revealed


1-25 Cool Motivational YouTube Channel Names

1. Mindset Mastery
2. The Inspire Factor
3. Next Level Living
4. Fearless Unleashed
5. Growth Culture
6. Inner Strength Zone
7. Vision Quest
8. Optimize You
9. Limitless Life
10. Thrive Tribe
11. Winning Ways
12. Purpose Pursuits
13. Drive Dynamics
14. Believe and Achieve
15. Overcoming Obstacles
16. Rise Up Revolution
17. Empowerment Express
18. Renewed Resolve
19. Change Champion
20. Momentum Maker
21. Dreamcraft Mindset
22. Unstoppable Force
23. Mind Mastery Manifesto
24. Passionate Pursuits
25. Risk Taker Revolution

26-50 Cool Motivational YouTube Channel Names

26. Resilience Renegade
27. Courageous Concepts
28. Success Solver
29. Self Starter Squad
30. Impel Insights
31. Optimism Oasis
32. Evolution Elevation
33. Persistence Pulse
34. Inspire Illumination
35. Breakthrough Blueprint
36. Impact Innovator
37. Life Lift-Off
38. Attitude Adjustment
39. Planetary Progression
40. Game Changer Channel
41. Blaze Your Trail
42. Step Up Success
43. Free Flight Frenzy
44. Growth Getter
45. Empathetic Entrepreneur
46. Follow Your Bliss
47. Resurrection Reinvented
48. Purposeful Pursuits
49. Mindset Makeover
50. Legend Living


1-25 Awesome Motivational YouTube Channel Names

1. InspireU
2. Rise and Thrive
3. Achieve Greatness
4. Positivity Unleashed
5. Mindset Mastery
6. Success Catalyst
7. Empowerment Zone
8. Drive to Succeed
9. Unlock Your Potential
10. The Motivation Lab
11. Fuel for Success
12. Elevate Your Drive
13. The Inspiration Studio
14. Turn Dreams into Reality
15. Ambition Station
16. The Power Within
17. Breakthrough Avenue
18. Unleash Your Inner Champion
19. Inspire Your Destiny
20. Success Blueprint
21. The Motivated Mind
22. Next Level Mentality
23. Passion Ignitor
24. Dream Chasers
25. Momentum Builders

26-50 Awesome Motivational YouTube Channel Names

26. Success Seeds
27. Thrive and Strive
28. Unlock the Winner Within
29. Rise to Greatness
30. The Motivation Fusion
31. Inspire Your Journey
32. Success Sustainer
33. Path to Greatness
34. Mind Over Matter
35. Fuel Your Ambition
36. The Inspiration Engine
37. Unleash Your Excellence
38. Success Igniter
39. The Motivation Vault
40. Rise Above Limitations
41. Inspirational Huddle
42. Master Your Destiny
43. Drive for Achievement
44. Elevate Your Motivation
45. The Success Chronicles
46. Passion Pursuit
47. The Motivation Oasis
48. Rise and Conquer
49. Inspire Greatness
50. Illuminate Your Success


1-25 Creative Motivational YouTube Channel Names

1. Empowerment Hub
2. Life Mastery
3. Inspiration Station
4. Rise & Shine
5. Dream Chasers
6. Growth Mindset
7. Mindfulness Matters
8. Optimism Odyssey
9. Positive Pulse
10. Journey to Greatness
11. Mindset Mastery
12. Momentum Movement
13. Mind Over Matter Mentoring
14. Peak Performer Pros
15. Progress Pursuit
16. Grind & Shine
17. Inspired Insights
18. Supernova Success
19. Empowerment Experience
20. Fuel for Your Fire
21. Visionary Voyage
22. Radiant Resilience
23. Motivation Manifesto
24. Elevate Your Mindset
25. Unlock Your Potential

26-50 Creative Motivational YouTube Channel Names

26. Personal Powerhouse
27. Heart & Hustle
28. Mindset Mentor
29. Drive & Determination Prime
30. Overcome Obstacles
31. Empower Your Everyday
32. Flourish & Thrive
33. Creative Courage
34. Blossom & Bloom
35. Mind Over Matter Media
36. Phenomenal Path
37. Mindful Musings
38. Life Enhancement
39. Brighter Horizons
40. Possibility Perspectives
41. Spark of Success
42. Inspired Intuitions
43. Skills for Success
44. Visionary Visions
45. Mindset Multiverse
46. Uplift & Unleash
47. Success & Serenity
48. Triumphant Transitions
49. Radiant Realizations
50. Ascend & Achieve.


1-25 Cute Motivational YouTube Channel Names

1. Sparkle and Shine
2. Happy Vibes
3. Keep Moving
4. Believe in You
5. Sunshine and Smiles
6. Rising Stars
7. Slay Your Day
8. Shine Bright
9. Dream to Achieve
10. Inspire and Live
11. Soar to Success
12. Empowerment Hub
13. Joyful Journeys
14. Life’s Possibilities
15. The Power Within
16. Positive Progression
17. Courageous Creations
18. Mindful Moments
19. Light the Way
20. Take Flight
21. Gratitude Attitude
22. The Bright Side
23. Elevate Your Mind
24. Find Your Bliss
25. Inner Strength

26-50 Cute Motivational YouTube Channel Names

26. Empowered Life
27. Visionary Vibes
28. Simply Inspired
29. Unleash Your Potential
30. Winning Ways
31. Pure Inspiration
32. Joyful Journeys
33. Master Your Mindset
34. Be the Change
35. Live Your Best Life
36. Abundant Mindset
37. Creative Confidence
38. Ambition Avenue
39. Inspired Insights
40. Happy Heart
41. Flourish and Fly
42. Shine Your Light
43. Positive Possibilities
44. Emerge Empowered
45. Radiant Spark
46. Empowering Dreams
47. Limitless Life
48. Illuminate Your Path
49. Rise and Thrive
50. Nourish Your Soul


1-25 Clever Motivational YouTube Channel Names

1. Keep It Moving
2. Empowerment Hub
3. Mindset Mastery
4. Elevate Yourself
5. Success Cycle
6. Mind Over Matter
7. Limitless Living
8. Take Charge Today
9. Rise and Grind
10. Momentum Maker
11. Be Bold Now
12. Growth Today
13. Power Play
14. Success Stories
15. Winning Ways
16. Inner Power Up
17. Strengthen Your Mind
18. Achieve Greatness
19. Shine On
20. Possibility Pusher
21. Achiever’s Journey
22. Thrive Tribe
23. TruSoul Motivation
24. Progress Tribe
25. Catalyst Effect

26-50 Clever Motivational YouTube Channel Names

26. Positive Pusher
27. Inspiring Progress
28. Daily Inspiration Reach
29. BetterLife Frequency
30. Empowerment Inspirations
31. Empowering Connections
32. Inspiration Journey
33. Mindset Maker
34. Manifest Mindset
35. Mind Power Profit
36. Motivate and Innovate
37. Motivational Ventures
38. Mind Key
39. Key to Success
40. Mind Map
41. Success Imagination
42. Take Control today
43. A Bright Future
44. A Motivated Mindset
45. Knowledge Reigns
46. Mindset Your Vision
47. Never Settle
48. Real You
49. Unstoppable Mindset
50. You Are Force


1-25 Great Motivational YouTube Channel Names

1. InspireU
2. Mindset Mastery
3. Elevate Your Life
4. Daily Boost
5. Achieve More
6. Positive Vibes Only
7. Mind Matters
8. Winning Attitude
9. Discover Your Potential
10. Rise Up Now
11. Mental Toughness
12. Be Legendary
13. Believe In Yourself
14. Limitless Living
15. Power Of You
16. Inner Strength
17. Conquer Your Dreams
18. Achieve Greatness
19. Mind Over Matter
20. Unstoppable Mindset
21. Believe To Achieve
22. Success Blueprint
23. Champion Mindset
24. Inspirational Journey
25. Master Your Mind

26-50 Great Motivational YouTube Channel Names

26. Growth Mindset
27. Unleash Your Potential
28. Purpose Driven Life
29. Habit Coach
30. Empowering Mind
31. Dare to Dream Big
32. Self Development Zone
33. Better Life Habits
34. Motivated Mind
35. Spark Your Passion
36. Unlock Your Potential
37. Success Principles
38. Inspire Your Dreams
39. Make Your Mark
40. Positive Attitude Academy
41. Self Mastery
42. Empower Your Mindset
43. Mindset Magic
44. Empowerment Zone
45. Your Greatness Zone
46. Infinite Potential
47. Unleash Your Awesome
48. Confidence Catalyst
49. Live Your Best Life
50. Be And Do Better.


Best Tips for Naming Your Motivational YouTube Channel


  • Keep it short: Aim for a concise name that’s easy to remember.
  • Use 1-2 keywords max: Make your youtube channel searchable/SEO-rich by adding 1-2 keywords in the name, but avoid keyword stuffing it.
  • Keep it relevant: Make sure your channel name reflects your content’s topic or theme.
  • Say it out loud: Test your channel name by saying it aloud to make sure it sounds good and rolls off the tongue.
  • Make it easy to say/spell: Avoid complicated or obscure words and spellings that might confuse potential viewers.
  • Avoid existing channel names: Research similar youtube channel names and avoid using one that’s already taken to prevent confusion.
  • Get feedback from peers: Ask for feedback from friends or colleagues to get their thoughts and impressions for your youtube channel name.
  • Use name generators: Tools like ChatGPT to brainstorm ideas and generate unique and creative names.


FAQs about Motivational YouTube Channel Names


1. Does my channel name matter?

Your youtube channel name is the first thing that viewers will see on your channel. It’s the name that people will use to search for your channel. In short, your youtube channel name is one of the most important elements of your brand. A great youtube channel name can help you stand out in a crowded field, attract new viewers, and establish your youtube channel as a must-watch.


2. How do I check if my channel name is taken?

To check if a youtube channel name is taken, start with a Google search, search on youtube, set the filter to channel and see if you find something. Use Namecheap to check domain availability & Namecheckr to check social handles availability. Avoid using existing/trademarked YouTube channel names.


3. Should I use my real name on a youtube channel?

Using your real name on a youtube channel is a personal decision that depends on your comfort level with privacy and public exposure. Consider the content and purpose of your youtube channel, potential audience, and potential consequences before making a decision.


4. Can I change my youtube channel name later?

Yes, you can change your youtube channel name later. However, it’s important to consider the potential impact on your branding, audience recognition, and SEO. Updating your YouTube channel name may require changes to your artwork, website, and social media accounts.


5. How long should a youtube channel name be?

A youtube channel name should be concise and memorable, ideally between 1-5 words and no more than 50 characters. This allows for easy recognition and sharing on social media platforms.


How To Start A Motivational YouTube Channel

1. Choose Your Niche

Select a passion for your youtube channel, like tech review or daily vlog, to resonate with your audience.

2. Pick a YouTube Channel Name

Brainstorm catchy names that are relevant and memorable, as your youtube channel name is your brand.

3. Quality Equipment

Invest in a decent camera, microphone, and video editing software for high quality video and clean audio.

4. Content Plan

Outline episodes in advance, plan topics, structure, and consider engaging your audience.

5. Recording and Editing

Find a quiet space to record and edit out unnecessary elements for a polished final video.

6. Release and Promote

Once edited, upload to youtube and promote through social media, collaborations, and audience engagement.


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Review YouTube Names



In conclusion, coming up with a great youtube channel name is important for attracting new viewers and growing your audience.

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