So, you wanna start a horror movie podcast? You’ve got the idea, you’ve got the equipment, but there’s one thing missing – the perfect name.

Coming up with a good and creative podcast name can be hard. So, we’ve created a podcast name ideas list of horror movie podcast names to choose from along with the best podcast naming tips.

But if you’re feeling overwhelmed with starting your podcast altogether, we can help. So let’s dive in and find the perfect name for your horror movie podcast!

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Best Horror Movie Podcast Name Ideas

Good Horror Movie Podcast Names

1. The Final Scream
2. Bloodcurdling Tales
3. Horrifically Real
4. The Fright Cast
5. Terror Talk
6. Nightmarish Cinema
7. The Horror Show
8. Scary Stories
9. CorpseCast
10. Hallow Screams
11. The Horror Dive
12. Screaming Cinema
13. The Gruesome Pod
14. Spooky Screen
15. Macabre Madness
16. Chilling Tales
17. The Horror Lab
18. Ghoulishly Good
19. Creep Count
20. Dark Delight
21. Ravenous Reviews
22. Monster Mash-Up
23. Fear Factor
24. The Horror Hive
25. Grim Gatherings
26. Shocking Screenings
27. Night Terrors
28. Mortuary Movie Reviews
29. Frightening Flicks
30. The Fear Zone
31. Den of Darkness
32. Scare Screen
33. Horror Hounds
34. Macabre Magic
35. Deadly Details
36. Haunt Hunters
37. The Gory Gazette
38. Spook Station
39. Terror Tales
40. The Horror Haven
41. Blood and Bones
42. Creepy Critiques
43. Eerie Explorations
44. Night Owls of Horror
45. Gruesome Gazing
46. Savage Cinema
47. The Horror Vault
48. Spine-Chilling Screenings
49. Terror Trailers
50. The Monster Movie Club

Interesting Horror Movie Podcast Names

1. The Spooky Cinema Show
2. The Bloodcurdling Broadcast
3. The Creepy Crawly Commentary
4. Nightmares and Nonsense
5. The Scream Scheme
6. Fear Factor Flicks
7. The Terror Talk
8. Horrific Hilarity
9. The Monster Mashup
10. Killer Quips
11. The Ghostly Gossip
12. Spine Tingling Tales
13. Horrorific Humor
14. The Frightening Fiasco
15. The Horror Hangout
16. The Scream Scene
17. The Scary Snark
18. The Haunt Hootenanny
19. The Creepshow Chat
20. The Zombie Zinger
21. The Scare Share
22. The Ghoul Gab
23. The Fiendish Fun
24. The Horror Hangover
25. The Terror Talkers
26. Scream Stream
27. Chiller Chat
28. The Horror Hive
29. The Bone-Chilling Banter
30. Horrorific Hijinks
31. The Spooky Splurge
32. Terrorist Talk
33. The Hilarity Horror Show
34. Screaming Seance
35. The Haunted Hilarity
36. Bloody Banter
37. The ghoulish gabfest
38. The Frightening Forum
39. The Thrill Tent
40. Monster Mash Mingle
41. Jokes and Jolts
42. The Grim Gathering
43. Ghostly Grins
44. The Spooktacular Show
45. The Hair-Raising Huddle
46. The Scary Story Slam
47. The Scream Squad
48. The Horror Hysteria
49. The Terrifying Talk
50. The Chilling Chat Room

Catchy Horror Movie Podcast Names

1. Scream Stream
2. The Fear Factor
3. Terror Talk
4. Sinister Sessions
5. Blood and Guts
6. The Final Cut
7. Nightmares Unleashed
8. Dreadful Discussions
9. Macabre Moments
10. Frightful Flicks
11. Hallowed Horror
12. The Haunted Halls
13. Spooky Stories
14. Ferocious Films
15. Dark Discoveries
16. Terrifying Tales
17. Ghostly Gossip
18. Twisted Cinema
19. From Beyond
20. Abysmal Adventures
21. Chilling Cinema
22. The Unholy Union
23. Dead and Buried
24. Horrific Hype
25. Demonic Discussions
26. Phantom Flicks
27. Fearful Fantasies
28. Grim and Ghoulish
29. The Dread Dominion
30. Cryptic Conversations
31. Bloody Beginnings
32. Haunting Histories
33. Shocking Showings
34. Terror Trends
35. Dreadful Discoveries
36. The Darkened Den
37. Psychotic Productions
38. The Sinister Society
39. Ghastly Gossip
40. Bone-Chilling Blockbusters
41. Thrilling Tales
42. Unhinged Unction
43. Sinister Screenings
44. Macabre Musings
45. The Terror Trail
46. Enigmatic Exhibitions
47. Feral Features
48. Nightmarish Narratives
49. Hellish Highlights
50. Spine-Tingling Screenings

Interesting Horror Movie Podcast Names

1. Dark Cinema Podcast
2. Scream Queens
3. Fear Frequency
4. Murder Mansion
5. Shock Talk
6. Ghost House
7. The Bloodline
8. Monster Mayhem
9. Gore Galore
10. Terror Tales
11. Chills & Thrills
12. Scary Stories
13. Horror Haven
14. Nightmarish Nights
15. Graveyard Shift
16. Creepy Chronicles
17. Fright Factory
18. The Haunting Hour
19. Night of Terror
20. Terror Team
21. Horror Hype
22. Spooky Speakeasy
23. The Scream Team
24. Scare Tactics
25. Fear Files
26. Terror Talk
27. The Horror Vault
28. The Gore Gazette
29. The Shudder Squad
30. Monster Mash
31. Scary Cinema
32. The Horror Room
33. Haunted Hollywood
34. Bloodcurdling Tales
35. The Horror Alliance
36. Terrifying Tales
37. Killer Kernels
38. Shadow Stories
39. The Horror Task Force
40. Frightful Flicks
41. Scare Stories
42. The Slaughterhouse
43. Horrific Hearsay
44. Deathly Dialogue
45. Sinister Cinema
46. The Atrocious Archive
47. Fear Frenzy
48. Horror Housewives
49. Gruesome Gossip
50. The Dread Domain

Creative Horror Movie Podcast Names

1. Fright Talk
2. Chills and Thrills
3. The Fearsome Forecast
4. Fearfully Yours
5. Shock Waves
6. Nightmare Nook
7. Terror Tales
8. Visions of Terror
9. Terrors Beyond
10. Dreadful Discussions
11. The Nightmare Network
12. Phantom Flicks
13. Eerie Echoes
14. Macabre Musings
15. The Horror Huddle
16. Dark Delights
17. Horror Haven
18. Cryptic Conversations
19. Shivers and Screams
20. Unsettling Insights
21. The Dark Hours
22. Demonic Discourse
23. The Fear Factor
24. The Sinister Six
25. Spooky Spins
26. Blood-Curdling Banter
27. Morbid Matters
28. The Monster Mash-Up
29. Graveyard Grooves
30. Nightmarish Narrations
31. Drifting Darkness
32. Haunted Hearings
33. Nasty Nightmares
34. Creepy Conversations
35. The Screaming Soundscape
36. Wicked Whispers
37. Ghostly Gossip
38. Terror Talkers
39. Horror Hangouts
40. Eerie Exchanges
41. Fearful Feedback
42. Torturous Tidbits
43. Fang-Filled Flicks
44. The Horror Hive
45. Mysterious Musings
46. The Spooky Spotlight
47. The Chilling Chat
48. The Sinister Squad
49. Dreadful Debates
50. The Nightmarish Narrative.

Cool Horror Movie Podcast Names

1. The Frightening Forecast
2. Dead End Discussion
3. Terrifying Talkies
4. Beware of the Scream
5. Thrills and Chills
6. Haunting Hour
7. The Horror Show
8. Bloodcurdling Banter
9. Ghostly Gathering
10. The Spooky Screen
11. Ghoulish Gossip
12. Macabre Musings
13. Scary Stories Society
14. Nightmares Unleashed
15. Creepy Cinema
16. Shocking Cinema
17. Terror Talk
18. The Horror Fanatics
19. Hauntcast
20. The Fright Files
21. Bone Chilling Banter
22. The Sinister Sixty
23. Macabre Movie Mavens
24. Nightmare Narrative
25. The Horror Coven
26. Dissecting Dread
27. The Dark Dimension Podcast
28. Screams Over Cinema
29. The Horror Huddle
30. Gothic Gathering
31. The Scream Stream
32. Paralyzing Popcorn
33. The Fearsome Film Fanatics
34. Supernatural Screen
35. Panic Play
36. The Spooky Squad
37. Horrorific Harmony
38. Fearful Film Frenzy
39. The Dark Discussions
40. Fear Factor Film
41. Cinematic Chill
42. Scare School
43. Screaming Cinema
44. Twisted Tales and Terror
45. The Fear-filled Film Society
46. Scary Screenings
47. Terrorizing Topics
48. The Horror Showdown
49. The Horror Happy Hour
50. The Frightening Film Fanatics.

Unique Horror Movie Podcast Names

1. Tales from the Dark
2. The Horror Hour
3. Dark Shadows
4. In the Darkness
5. Unleashed Fear
6. Something Wicked
7. Dreadful Encounters
8. Nightmare on Air
9. The Cursed Podcast
10. Terror Talk
11. Ghostly Whispers
12. The Haunted Hour
13. Evil Incarnate
14. Chilling Tales
15. The Horror Show
16. Sinister Cinema
17. Morbid Musings
18. Fear Factor
19. Nightmares Unleashed
20. Twisted Tales
21. Eerie Encounters
22. The Creepy Chronicles
23. Freaky Flicks
24. The Dark Vault
25. Frightening Fun
26. Night of the Living Dead
27. The Horror Zone
28. The Macabre Mind
29. Wicked Words
30. The Devils Playground
31. The Horror Den
32. The Weird and the Wonderful
33. Cryptic Conversations
34. The Scary Stories Podcast
35. The Freak Show
36. Spirits Speak
37. Ghost Stories
38. The Forbidden Files
39. Supernatural Secrets
40. Spooky Cinema
41. The Dark Corner
42. The Nights of Terror
43. The Haunting Hour
44. Creepy Classics
45. The Horror Hook
46. The Dark Descent
47. Monstrous Musings
48. The Horror Historian
49. The Sinister Spotlight
50. Ghoulish Gossip

Cute Horror Movie Podcast Names

1. Murdertalk
2. Terror Tattles
3. Bloodcurdling Banters
4. Spine-Chilling Stories
5. Frightful Flicks
6. Haunted Hilarity
7. Screamcast
8. Campfire Chronicles
9. Ghostly Gossip
10. Nightmarish Narratives
11. Creepy Confessions
12. Diabolical Discussions
13. Shudder Sessions
14. Macabre Musings
15. Gore Galore
16. Fearful Fun
17. Chilling Chats
18. Suspenseful Stories
19. Terrifying Tales
20. Horror Hangout
21. Crypt Corner
22. Beware Broadcast
23. Dark Discussions
24. Horrorific Hijinks
25. Nightmare Natter
26. Scare Session
27. Blood & Banter
28. Dread Diaries
29. Horroriscope
30. Murder Mysteries
31. Sinister Sips
32. Skeleton Stories
33. The Beyond Bonanza
34. Ghoul Gab
35. Shadowtime
36. Monster Mania
37. Brainbite
38. Spooktacular Radio
39. Twisted Tales
40. The Horror Vault
41. Killer Conversations
42. Ghost Giggles
43. Graveyard Grooves
44. Boos and Brains
45. Mysterious Mutterings
46. Horror Haven
47. Terror Tales
48. Night of the Living Podcast
49. Shriek Speak
50. Scream Scene

Clever Horror Movie Podcast Names

1. Thrill Seekers
2. Creepy Chronicles
3. Dark Discussions
4. Fear Factor
5. The Fright Files
6. Terror Talk
7. Nightmares & Chill
8. Ghostly Gossip
9. Chilling Tales
10. The Horror Hour
11. Scary Stories
12. Blood Curdling
13. Freaky Features
14. Eerie Encounters
15. The Spooky Scoop
16. Halloween Huddle
17. Sinister Shows
18. Phantom Phantasms
19. Graveyard Gab
20. The Macabre Minute
21. Killer Commentary
22. Horrorific Huddle
23. Spooktacular Pod
24. Frightening Flicks
25. Monster Mashup
26. Ghoulish Gathering
27. Haunting Hours
28. Bone-Chilling Banter
29. The Terror Team
30. Nightmarish Narratives
31. Horrorific History
32. Strange & Unusual
33. The Creep Chronicles
34. Wicked Wordplay
35. Horrorific Humor
36. Ghastly Giggles
37. The Dreaded Dialogue
38. Grim & Gruesome
39. Demonic Discussion
40. The Horror Hub
41. Twisted Tales
42. All Things Creepy
43. Murder Mysteries
44. Shadow Stories
45. Gruesome Gatherings
46. The Fiendish Five
47. Horror House
48. The Fearsome Four
49. Dark Discourse
50. Halloween Hysteria

Great Horror Movie Podcast Names

1. Beyond the Screams
2. The Fright Files
3. Terrible Tales
4. Chilling Chat
5. Terror Talk
6. Is It Scary Yet?
7. The Bloodbath Diaries
8. Haunted Happenings
9. Sinister Stories
10. Cinema Macabre
11. Dark Discussions
12. Ghastly Gossip
13. Monster Madness
14. The Scream Stream
15. Nightmarish Narratives
16. Fearsome Flicks
17. Deathly Discussions
18. Unsettling Cinema
19. Eerie Tales
20. The Fear Factor
21. Killer Commentary
22. Final Frights
23. Gore Galore
24. The Dread Report
25. Horrorific History
26. Bloodcurdling Banter
27. Fiendish Films
28. Cursed Conversations
29. Menacing Movies
30. Terror Topics
31. Bizarre Behaviors
32. The Horror Show
33. Scare Scene
34. Horror Tales
35. The Macabre Minute
36. Spooky Speaks
37. The Horror Forecast
38. Morbid Musings
39. Grim & Ghastly
40. The Fear Frequency
41. HorrorScope
42. Terrifying Topics
43. Unnerving Narratives
44. Terrifying Tales
45. Horror House
46. The Dreadful Details
47. Horror Headlines
48. The Terror Tapes
49. The Creep Chronicles
50. Scream Scene.


Best Tips for Naming Your Horror Movie Podcast


  • Keep it short: Aim for a concise name that’s easy to remember and won’t be truncated in podcast directories.
  • Use 1-3 keywords max: Make your podcast searchable/SEO-rich by adding 1-3 keywords in the name, but avoid keyword stuffing it.
  • Keep it relevant: Make sure your podcast name reflects your show’s topic or theme.
  • Say it out loud: Test your podcast name by saying it aloud to make sure it sounds good and rolls off the tongue.
  • Make it easy to say/spell: Avoid complicated or obscure words and spellings that might confuse potential listeners.
  • Avoid the word ‘podcast’: Your show is already listed in podcast directories, so you don’t need to include the word ‘podcast’ in the name.
  • Avoid existing show names: Research similar podcast names and avoid using one that’s already taken to prevent confusion.
  • Get feedback from peers: Ask for honest feedback from friends or colleagues to gauge their thoughts and impressions of your podcast name.
  • Use name generators: Utilize podcast name generators to help brainstorm ideas and generate unique and creative names.


Horror Movie Podcast Names FAQs


1. Do podcast name matter?

Your podcast name is the first thing potential listeners will see and hear about your show. It’s the name that will appear on directories like Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and it’s the name that people will use to search for your show. In short, your podcast name is one of the most important elements of your brand. A great podcast name can help you stand out in a crowded field, attract new listeners, and establish your podcast as a must-listen.


2. How to check if my horror movie podcast name is taken?

To check if a podcast name is taken, start with a Google search, then search every podcast directory like Apple Podcast, Spotify, and others. Use Namecheap to check domain availability & Namecheckr to check social handles availability. Avoid using existing/trademarked podcast names.


3. Can two podcasts have the same name?

Technically yes, over two podcasts can have the same name in the US, unless one holds a trademark. But, having a unique name can help with brand recognition and avoid confusion. Before launching a new podcast, it’s crucial to check for existing names and pick an unused name.


4. Should I use my real name on a podcast?

Using your real name on a podcast is a personal decision that depends on your comfort level with privacy and public exposure. Consider the content and purpose of your podcast, potential audience, and potential consequences before making a decision.


5. Can I change my podcast name later?

Yes, you can change your podcast name later. However, it’s important to consider the potential impact on your branding, audience recognition, and SEO. Updating your podcast name may require changes to your artwork, website, and social media accounts.


6. How long should a podcast name be?

A podcast name should be concise and memorable, ideally between 3-5 words and no more than 50 characters. This allows for easy recognition and sharing on social media platforms.


How To Start A Horror Movie Podcast

1. Choose Your Niche

Select a passion for your podcast, like true crime or tech trends, to resonate with your audience.

2. Pick a Podcast Name

Brainstorm catchy names that are relevant and memorable, as your podcast name is your brand.

3. Quality Equipment

Invest in a decent microphone, headphones, and audio editing software for clear and crisp audio.

4. Content Plan

Outline episodes in advance, plan topics, structure, and consider engaging your audience with podcast questions.

5. Recording and Editing

Find a quiet space to record and edit out unnecessary elements for a polished final product.

6. Hosting Platform

Choose a reliable hosting platform like Libsyn, Podbean, or Anchor for storing and distributing your episodes.

7. Publish and Promote

Once polished, publish on your platform and promote through social media, collaborations, and audience engagement.


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In conclusion, coming up with a great podcast name is important for attracting new listeners and building your brand.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog. If you want us to help you start a horror movie podcast, let’s chat 🦜

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Happy podcasting 🎤!

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