So, you wanna start a harry potter podcast? You’ve got the idea, you’ve got the equipment, but there’s one thing missing – the perfect name.

Coming up with a good and creative podcast name can be hard. So, we’ve created a podcast name ideas list of harry potter podcast names to choose from along with the best podcast naming tips.

But if you’re feeling overwhelmed with starting your podcast altogether, we can help. So let’s dive in and find the perfect name for your harry potter podcast!

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Best Harry Potter Podcast Name Ideas

Good Harry Potter Podcast Names

1. Witching Way
2. Dispelling Dark Arts
3. Magic Makers
4. Broomsticks and Butterbeer
5. A Tale of Two Wands
6. OWLS and Complex Spells
7. Muggles Galore
8. Befuddlement of the Boggarts
9. Variety of Potions
10. Secret Classrooms
11. Wilful Wanderers
12. Spectres and Spellbinding
13. Enchanted Journeys
14. A Most Mysterious World
15. Mandrakes Through the Ages
16. Figuring out the Floo Network
17. Quidditch Talk
18. Hogwartian Happenings
19. The House that Magic Built
20. The Wizarding Wannabes
21. Magical Mysteries
22. The Charms of Hogwarts
23. Elixir Expeditions
24. Crucio Debates
25. Wands in Wonderland
26. An Intro to Hogwarts
27. Magical Mosaics
28. The Social Order of Hogwarts
29. Unmasking of Dark Magic
30. The Imperius Conundrum
31. The Origin of Wizardry
32. Magical Morphing
33. Vicious Veritans
34. Deathly Debates
35. Segments about Spells
36. The Dark Arts in Focus
37. A Traveler’s Tale
38. Thunderbird Talks
39. Goblins in the Glen
40. Mystic Musings
41. Curses and Conundrums
42. Hogwarts Studies
43. Merpeople and Mermaids
44. Taboos and Transfigurations
45. Lavish Lives of Wizards
46. Vanishing Wonders
47. Durmstrang Discussions
48. Potators Paradise
49. Magical Memories
50. Beyond the Black Lake

Interesting Harry Potter Podcast Names

1. Wizardly Wit
2. Magical Merriment
3. Cauldron Cackles
4. Spellbinding Silliness
5. Bewitching Banter
6. Marvelous Mirth
7. Mystical Merriment
8. Charmed Comedy
9. Gryffindor Giggles
10. Wizarding Wisdom
11. Astonishing Anecdotes
12. Hedwig’s Hilarity
13. Broomstick Bants
14. Robes & Ruminations
15. Fun with the Founders
16. Potion Pettifoggery
17. Simmering Sorcerers
18. Practical Pranks
19. Quibbler Quips
20. Ravenclaw Rants
21. Theology Tittering
22. Sorcerer Sahring
23. Knickerbocker Hijinks
24. Charming Chatter
25. Merlin’s Musings
26. Broomstick Brouhaha
27. Charmed Chatter
28. Hogwarts Howl
29. Whimsy Wizards
30. Creative Conjuring
31. Concelebrated Cackles
32. The Magical Martini
33. Sorcerous Sillies
34. Magical Mischief
35. Wonderous Wittering
36. Quill Quips
37. Avada Kedavra Animus
38. Buoyant Blather
39. Spellbinding Stories
40. Magical Mishaps
41. Bewitched Banter
42. Siddhartha Sillies
43. Fantastic Fun
44. Flourishes & Frights
45. Muggle Mayhem
46. Merrow Mania
47. Divinations Jests
48. Flibbertigibbert Fun
49. Hooting Hallucination
50. The Sorcerer’s Part-Tee

Catchy Harry Potter Podcast Names

1. Witching Worlds
2. Sorcerers’ Sphere
3. Spellbinding Secrets
4. Magical Mischief
5. Enchanted Enigmas
6. Wizardry Wisdoms
7. Charmed Chats
8. Witchy Wonders
9. Magicians’ Moments
10. Solving Sorcery
11. Worlds of Witchcraft
12. Spellful Secrets
13. Mystical Mysteries
14. Wingardium Leviosa
15. Schools of Magic
16. Enchantment Times
17. Wizardry Whispers
18. Charms and Curses
19. Obscurus Occultus
20. Animagus Adventures
21. Potion Profiling
22. Secluded Sorcery
23. The Quibbler Quandary
24. Wonders of Witchcraft
25. Weird and Wacky Witchcraft
26. Mysterious Morsels
27. Unfogging the Future
28. Spiral of Spells
29. The Art of Apparition
30. Muggle Mayhem
31. Potter Profiling
32. Wizardry Wisdom
33. Enchanted Encounters
34. Witch Way Out
35. Wisest Witchcraft
36. Forwards and Backwards Charms
37. Apparition Authority
38. Wizened Wonky Witchcraft
39. Broom Flight Bonanzas
40. Incantation Illumination
41. Whatever the Weather, Witchcraft
42. Phenomenon of Potterry
43. Spectrum of Sorcery
44. Parseltongue Parables
45. Magical Moments
46. The Art of Aurology
47. Cauldron Cravings
48. Potions in Practice
49. Magical Mashups
50. Enter the Wizarding World Conclave

Interesting Harry Potter Podcast Names

1. Wabely’s Cauldron of Wonders
2. Tale of the Forbidden Realm
3. Magic, Monsters and More
4. The Wacky Witchy Weekly
5. Hagback’s House of Spells
6. The Speckled Broomstick
7. Loft of Lost Legends
8. The Wizarding Wordcast
9. Dalghoul’s Dark Arts
10. Ms. MacGonagall’s Marvellous Moments
11. Spells and Sorcery Café
12. Daring Duelists and Dragons
13. Potion Potpourri Podcast
14. The Concoction Corner
15. Wandlore Wonders
16. Merlin’s Mystic Marvels
17. Charmed Comrades Chat
18. Slytherin Sisters Soothsayings
19. The Cauldron of Cures
20. The Great Gryffindor Gathering
21. Hagrid’s Heroic Exhilarations
22. Elixir Extravaganza
23. Ravenclaw Ramblings
24. Magicians & Mystics
25. Hufflepuff Happenings
26. Hagwives’ Hexes and Healing
27. Mythologic Melee Mashup
28. Fantastic Beasts and Fabulous Fun
29. The House Cup Cafe
30. Potent Potion Reviews
31. Magikal Mastering Movement
32. Dragon Den Discourse
33. Apparition Adventures
34. Whimsical Witchcraft Workshop
35. Polyjuice Possibility Podcast
36. Grimoire Guide Gossip
37. Mystic Menagerie of Magic
38. Templar Talkback
39. Professor Dumbledore’s Diabolical Download
40. Quidditch Quips & Quarrels
41. Magical Alternatives to Mundanity
42. The Sorcerer’s Spellbook
43. Divination Derby 103
44. Curses & Chants Chatter
45. The Enchanted Enclave
46. Heritage Hostility & Hatred
47. The Marble Maestro
48. Broomstick Bravado Podcast
49. Mystic Mammoth Monologues
50. Quaintsy Quaverers

Creative Harry Potter Podcast Names

1. Muggles Unleashed
2. Dark Arts Rising
3. Wizardry Hour
4. Magic and Mayhem
5. The Sorcerer’s Voice
6. Brewed Potions
7. Phoenix Fire
8. The Summoners Podcast
9. Enchanted Discussions
10. Bewitched Conversations
11. Spellbinding Topics
12. Sorceress Secrets
13. Charmed Debates
14. Accio Audience
15. Magical Findings
16. Wingardium Levelli-O’s
17. Secrets of Sorcery
18. Mischief Managed
19. Wizardly Expressions
20. Wandering Discussion
21. Hex Appeal
22. Mystic Musings
23. Oddities of Sorcery
24. Fighting Dark Arts
25. Witchcraft and Wonder
26. Conjuring Queries
27. Mystery of Magic
28. Spell Swap
29. The Potions Apprentice
30. Charms and Cantrips
31. Potion Brewniverse
32. Grimoire Book Club
33. DragonCast
34. Magical Lectures
35. Spellbinding Stories
36. Griffindor Gazette
37. WitchTalk
38. EnchantED Life
39. Crafty Cast
40. Conjuring Connections
41. Talking Witchcraft
42. Magicians’ Guild
43. The Wizardly Word
44. Curses and Cauldrons
45. Mystical Journeys
46. Wizarding Quests
47. Nimbus Ninety Nine
48. The Tonic Times
49. Wizards Weekly
50. Mystic Whispers

Cool Harry Potter Podcast Names

1. Mystic Wanderers
2. Magikal Moments
3. Enchanted Escapades
4. Spellbinding Stories
5. Wizardry Whispers
6. Tales of Transfiguration
7. Nighty Nightmares
8. Cauldron Casts
9. Warlock’s Wasteland
10. Sorcery Symposia
11. Potions Ponderings
12. Magical Mutterings
13. Sorcerous Subscriptions
14. Genial Grimoire
15. Witchy Warnings
16. Fantasical Fables
17. Mystical Meanderings
18. Charmed Conjectures
19. The Auror’s Archives
20. Plotting Potions
21. Mystic Missions
22. Hexiest Happenings
23. Violently Vivid Vignettes
24. The Unforgettable Imperium
25. Spellcasting Speculations
26. Hexing Heros
27. Flabbergastingly Formidable Fantasies
28. Broom Reviews
29. Animagus Views
30. Tales of Beasts and Botany
31. Incantations Insight
32. Mystical Musings
33. Doom Forecast
34. Magikly Misfortunes
35. Enchantments Entourage
36. Bell-Tinkling Booms
37. Enchantial Endurances
38. Fantastical Fusions
39. Curse Confrontations
40. Mystery Musement
41. Grisly Ghost Talks
42. Spellsbound Shots
43. Weird and Wooly Words
44. Magical Misconceptions
45. Vanishing Vacations
46. Hexenhammer Visits
47. Transcendent Tea Time
48. Invisibility Instructions
49. Occult Observatory
50. Metamorphic Treatment Talk

Unique Harry Potter Podcast Names

1. Quidditch Chronicles
2. Wizardry Wonderings
3. Enchantment Exchange
4. Magic Table Talks
5. Spellbinding Stories
6. Transfigural Tales
7. Fantastic Fables
8. Cauldron Conjure
9. Enchanted Echoes
10. Bewitched Banter
11. Muggle Marvels
12. Magically Motivated
13. Charmed Conversations
14. Witching WRadhio
15. Enchanting Edition
16. Witchy Words
17. Wizardly Wisdoms
18. Witchy Wanderings
19. Metamorphic Musings
20. Spellbinding Speeches
21. Fantastic Fables Forum
22. Magical Memorabilia
23. Polyjuice Podcasters
24. Beguiling Bytes
25. Caster Chatterboxes
26. Muggles’ Mysteries
27. Mystical Musings
28. Wizardry Wagons
29. Warlock Wisdom
30. Witchcraft Whispers
31. Spellbound Sessions
32. Improbable Impromptus
33. Cauldron Conversations
34. Cast a Spell
35. Broomstick Banter
36. Potion Prattle
37. The Quibbler’s Quarrels
38. Astounding Adventures
39. Magical Mischief
40. Sorcerers’ Summons
41. Wands of Wonder
42. Spellbinding Soundbites
43. Magically Mastered
44. Wizardry Workshop
45. Astonishing Antics
46. Majick Moments
47. Supernatural Souls
48. Mystical Motives
49. Wizard Whirl
50. Fantastic Journeys

Cute Harry Potter Podcast Names

1. Magical Misadventures
2. Charmed Spells
3. Magic Manifesto
4. Wizarding Wonders
5. Broomstack Broadcast
6. Secret Sorcery Sessions
7. Abracadabra Audio
8. Enchanted Tales
9. Enchanting Elixir
10. Mystical Musings
11. Mythical Melodies
12. Whimsical Whirls
13. Incredible Inventions
14. Spell Summoners
15. Mystery in Motion
16. Babbles of the Broom
17. Mythic Mumblings
18. The Masterful Mixture
19. Weird and Wonderful World
20. Fantastic Fantasies
21. The Unforgettable Feats
22. Surprise Spells
23. Charisma and Conjuration
24. Fantastic Fortune
25. Magical Mayhem
26. Mysteriously Marvelous
27. Tales of Terror
28. Tempting Trials
29. Witchy Wisdom
30. Uncommonly Unexpected
31. Alluring Alchemy
32. Discourses of the Donkey
33. Phantasmal Phantasms
34. Fantastic Feats of Fortune
35. Beauty and Bewitchment
36. The Amazing Abridgment
37. Divine Dueling
38. Quidditch Quips
39. Princely Potions
40. The Exciting Elixir
41. Sorcery and Sauce
42. Flawless Flips
43. Elusive Enigmas
44. Gorgon Gables
45. Courage and Careful Charm
46. Wingardium Whirlwinds
47. Enthralling Encounters
48. Spellbinding Spells
49. Perplexing Portents
50. Concoctions and Chronicles

Clever Harry Potter Podcast Names

1. The Sorcerer’s Riddle
2. Pottermania
3. Voldemort’s Vault
4. Hagrid’s Hut
5. Muggles and More
6. Wizarding World Wisdom
7. Beyond the Triwizard Tournament
8. Magical Mischiefs
9. Spells & Sequences
10. Broomsticks & Beyond
11. Charm Chatter
12. Cauldrons and Cures
13. Dueling Discourse
14. Mysterious Mayhem
15. Hex Hex
16. Oddities & Oddities
17. Philosopher’s Stone
18. Dark Arts Debates
19. Out of the Pensieve
20. Cursory Curses
21. Parseltongue Problems
22. Chamber of Secrets Unveiled
23. Potion Possibilities
24. Potions & Politics
25. Magical Mixtures
26. Magical Meanings
27. Quibbler Quips
28. Uncommon Unforgivable Curses
29. Standard Rebel Sorcery
30. Dragons & Discussions
31. Horcrux Hunt
32. Hufflepuff’s Haven
33. Spellbinding Sessions
34. Auror’s Auric
35. Mischievous Misadventures
36. Witchy Waves
37. Slytherin Crucials
38. Witchy Wonders
39. Quidditch Wonders
40. Forbidden Fumbles
41. Unfortunate Fables
42. Merlined Minds
43. Magicks & More
44. Charmed Circles
45. Divination Debates
46. Hexmagic
47. Magic & Mythology
48. Magickal Menagerie
49. Mysterium Majicks
50. Wizardly Wisdoms

Great Harry Potter Podcast Names

1.Abracadabra World
2.The Muggles Guide to Magic
3.Muggle Mania
4.Witches and Wizards Weekly
5.Magical Realms
6.The Quidditch Kickback
7.The Owl Post
8.Charmed Conclaves
9.Cauldron Conversations
10.Dark Arts Discourse
11.Sorcerous Tales
12.Fantastic Fables
13.Fabled Friends
14.Apparition Adventures
15.Enchanting Examinations
16.Beasts and Bemusement
17.Mystical Musings
18.Caretaker’s Chatter
19.Fortunes & Fables
20.Mysterious Mutterings
21.Wiz Whispers
22.Spellbinding Secrets
23.Time Turner Tour
24.Marauder Miracles
25.Illuminatus Intrigue
26.Hallows History
27.Wizard’s Whisperings
28.Magical Moments
29.Mystical Marvels
30.Magically Entertaining
31.The Conspiracy of Cauldrons
32.Exploring Extraterrestrials
33.The Spellbinding Show
34.Adventures Through Time & Space
35.Potions & Politics
36.Nocturnus Occultus
37.Cauldron Cries
38.Magicks N’ More
39.The Sorcerer’s Society
40.Transfiguring Talk
41.Mythical Monitorings
42.Divination & Dialogue
43.Majestic Metaphors
44.Tomes of Tales
45.Tapping Talking skills
46.Spellbinding Spectacles
47.Enchanting expeditions
48.Tricks & Treats
49.Inner Magic
50.Magically Crafted Melodies


Best Tips for Naming Your Harry Potter Podcast


  • Keep it short: Aim for a concise name that’s easy to remember and won’t be truncated in podcast directories.
  • Use 1-3 keywords max: Make your podcast searchable/SEO-rich by adding 1-3 keywords in the name, but avoid keyword stuffing it.
  • Keep it relevant: Make sure your podcast name reflects your show’s topic or theme.
  • Say it out loud: Test your podcast name by saying it aloud to make sure it sounds good and rolls off the tongue.
  • Make it easy to say/spell: Avoid complicated or obscure words and spellings that might confuse potential listeners.
  • Avoid the word ‘podcast’: Your show is already listed in podcast directories, so you don’t need to include the word ‘podcast’ in the name.
  • Avoid existing show names: Research similar podcast names and avoid using one that’s already taken to prevent confusion.
  • Get feedback from peers: Ask for honest feedback from friends or colleagues to gauge their thoughts and impressions of your podcast name.
  • Use name generators: Utilize podcast name generators to help brainstorm ideas and generate unique and creative names.


Harry Potter Podcast Names FAQs


1. Do podcast name matter?

Your podcast name is the first thing potential listeners will see and hear about your show. It’s the name that will appear on directories like Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and it’s the name that people will use to search for your show. In short, your podcast name is one of the most important elements of your brand. A great podcast name can help you stand out in a crowded field, attract new listeners, and establish your podcast as a must-listen.


2. How to check if my harry potter podcast name is taken?

To check if a podcast name is taken, start with a Google search, then search every podcast directory like Apple Podcast, Spotify, and others. Use Namecheap to check domain availability & Namecheckr to check social handles availability. Avoid using existing/trademarked podcast names.


3. Can two podcasts have the same name?

Technically yes, over two podcasts can have the same name in the US, unless one holds a trademark. But, having a unique name can help with brand recognition and avoid confusion. Before launching a new podcast, it’s crucial to check for existing names and pick an unused name.


4. Should I use my real name on a podcast?

Using your real name on a podcast is a personal decision that depends on your comfort level with privacy and public exposure. Consider the content and purpose of your podcast, potential audience, and potential consequences before making a decision.


5. Can I change my podcast name later?

Yes, you can change your podcast name later. However, it’s important to consider the potential impact on your branding, audience recognition, and SEO. Updating your podcast name may require changes to your artwork, website, and social media accounts.


6. How long should a podcast name be?

A podcast name should be concise and memorable, ideally between 3-5 words and no more than 50 characters. This allows for easy recognition and sharing on social media platforms.


How To Start A Harry Potter Podcast

1. Choose Your Niche

Select a passion for your podcast, like true crime or tech trends, to resonate with your audience.

2. Pick a Podcast Name

Brainstorm catchy names that are relevant and memorable, as your podcast name is your brand.

3. Quality Equipment

Invest in a decent microphone, headphones, and audio editing software for clear and crisp audio.

4. Content Plan

Outline episodes in advance, plan topics, structure, and consider engaging your audience with podcast questions.

5. Recording and Editing

Find a quiet space to record and edit out unnecessary elements for a polished final product.

6. Hosting Platform

Choose a reliable hosting platform like Libsyn, Podbean, or Anchor for storing and distributing your episodes.

7. Publish and Promote

Once polished, publish on your platform and promote through social media, collaborations, and audience engagement.


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In conclusion, coming up with a great podcast name is important for attracting new listeners and building your brand.

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Happy podcasting 🎤!

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